02 Июн 2019

Canadian English? – Yes!!!

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Canadian English LingvaDom

Canadian English? – Yes!!!
Is Canadian English different from American English? – Yes!!!

If you want to order a large coffee with 2 creams and 2 sugars in Canada – you better say “Large double-double”
If you want to buy a bottle of booze in Canada – ask for “a Mickey” (it is 375mil)
If you want to buy a case of beer – say “2/4” (because there is 24 beers in a case of beer)
If you want to say “No problem” – better say “No sweat“

While all these terms are understood from coast to coast, about half of them are actually regional terms most often used in central Canada. The East Coast has a completely different slang style and is spoken much faster. Newfoundland and some areas of Cape Breton practically have their own language. And Western Canada has a slang structure that incorporates native terms.